Stop Contact App

Stop Contact is an iPhone App which allows you to stop contacting people for a short period of time without deleting their phone numbers from your address book. It's ideal if you want to stop contacting an ex or if you cause problems by drunk texting.

Stop Texting An Ex

If you want to stop contacting an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend then simply install the app and select their name from your contacts list. You can then lock their number for a period of 12 hours. Stop Contact hides their number so you cannot call or text them and then after 12 hours you can re-instate their number and Stop Contact will put the removed numbers back into your phone book.

Stop Drunk Texting

You can lock up to 6 different contacts for a period of 12 hours so if you are going out drinking and want to stop drunk texting then you simply repeat the process for stopping contacting an ex with the 6 people you don't want to text when drunk. 12 hours later their numbers will be returned to your phone just as they were before you locked them.

Stop Contact Android & iPhone Apps

Stop Contact is available for Apple iPhones from the Apple AppStore. Stop Drunk Texting is an identical app available for Android phones from either Google Play or the Amazon Appstore.

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